Homeless Rock Stars is:

Nigel Skeet

Founder & CEO

Disruptor & photographer

Melanie Foote


Don't get between Mel and the underdog

Ron Campbell

Executive Director

CEO and Founder of U! Creative, the house that Rock built!

Shimon Moore

Rock Star

If it's too loud, you're too old

Suzie Haberland

Altruist Partners

Teamwork, teamwork and then teamwork.

Hannah Dewater

Community Director

Integrity is the cornerstone of it all

Derek Pruitt

I.T. - Web Geek

Smarter than smart

Tracy Stanley

I.T. - Web Geek 2

If only this was a Tardis... sigh!

Bethany Hill


Look like a Rock Star and win!

Stephanie Michelle

Hair Ninja

Life is too short to have boring hair

Jessie Valley



Kerri Yancey


Kerri is our Homeless Rock Stars Ambassador to Starbucks!