How It Works

A Rock Star is someone who:

  • Is fully self expressed in life
  • Leaves others inspired by their self expression
  • Has something to say
  • Feels good about themselves
  • Is courageous in the face of a daunting task
  • Is the ultimate team player
  • Has a huge responsibility to others
  • Is the unstoppable underdog

For the homeless:

We invite homeless people to step in front of the lens of Celebrity Rock Star Photographer Nigel Skeet and get the Rock Star treatment.  After a brief moment getting hair & makeup done (optional), Nigel Skeet motivates them to express themselves in front of the camera while taking their photograph.  During the session they are referred to as Rock Stars and they are encouraged to ‘come out’ and show the world who they really are.

After the photo session, our Homeless Rock Stars are interviewed (we call them INNERviews) by a cross section of their community, city council members, musicians, business professionals and other members of the community all participate.  But they are not asked about their situation.  They are asked questions that get to who they are as individuals; Where were you born?  What did you want to be when you grew up?  What is your greatest accomplishment?  Do you have any interesting talents? What is the best job you have ever had?  What inspires you?  What is your favorite band?  What is your favorite food?  What is your favorite place you have been to?

This leads to a conversation between two people (or more) that under normal circumstances would never happen.  For example; when do you ever see a city council member ask a homeless person what their favorite movie is?  Or what inspires them?  That’s right, never, except for here at Homeless Rock Stars!

By treating them like a Rock Star for a moment, inviting them to fully express themselves and taking the time to inquire who they are as an individual, a portrait emerges of who they are and MAYBE an insight into addressing their situation with a solution.

For the community:

For the community, a sense of relate-ability is created on an individual basis.  Someone might recognize similar interests or backgrounds in one of our Rock Stars, and therefor MAYBE an opportunity to help that person based on a point of connection instead of just feeling sorry for them.

By bringing the community into the process, a sense of pride and vitality is created.  Something magical happens when as a community you experience the transformation from ‘a homeless person without a name’ to an individual with possibility and purpose.