About Homeless Rock Stars

One of the main problems with homelessness is the physical and psychological barrier that is instantly and permanently erected by ‘us’ between those we perceive as homeless and ourselves.

The net result for ‘them’ is that on top of the initial situations that led to being disconnected from society on a superficial level (a brick and mortar dwelling) – they now have the additional burden of being completely disconnected from society on a much deeper level. 

The vicious cycle starts when ‘we’ disconnect ‘them’ yet expect ‘them’ to fix the connection.  We expect ‘them’ to EARN the psychological and emotional RE-connection when it is ‘us’ who disconnected ‘them’ in the first place. 

We lump all homeless people together in one big group and do not take the time to find out who they are as individuals.

Homeless Rock Stars strives to turn that around.

Who We Are…

We are group of creative rebels, headed up by Celebrity, Rock Star Photographer Nigel Skeet, Program Director Melanie Foote, Rock Star Shimon Moore, Makeup Artist Bethany Hill, and Rock Star Caterer Jessie Valley.

What We Do…

We extract and expose the inner rock star of the homeless, to themselves, their local community and beyond.  This restores hope and self esteem to the Rock Stars and it repairs the relationship between the community at large and the homeless.

How We Do It…

Homeless Rock Stars is centered around our events

The Event

Up to 50 homeless people staying in shelters plus approximately 25 community leaders are invited to the Homeless Rock Star event.  The community leaders are invited to the event first and are given a briefing as to what is about to unfold and what to expect.

When the homeless come to the event, each participant is treated to a full blown Rock Star photo session with Nigel Skeet, complete with hair & makeup (optional) by Bethany Hill and Sara Willis, and after their photo session each Rock Star is “INNERviewed” by a local community leader.  The questions are pre-formatted and are designed specifically to create a sense of relate-ability and spark a casual conversation, they are not asked about their state of homelessness.  Each event is catered by our very own Jessie Valley, who was one of our very first Homeless Rock Stars, she is now part of our crew.

This part of the event is extremely transformative for all involved, the comfortable and encouraging atmosphere generated by our team carries over to all participants.  The homeless leave feeling like Rock Stars with a renewed sense of hope, courage and self esteem, and the community leaders leave feeling they have some new friendships they never thought were possible.

And then…

Towards the end of the event, if certain criteria are met, the community leaders involved in the event (INNERviewers) collectively or individually issue the Homeless Rock Star a specific call to action followup challenge.

Often times, our homeless population is so overwhelmed with “just surviving” that they get lost in everyday tasks that you and I take for granted – but it is those simple, everyday tasks that can spur the desire and action to get out of the situation.

Defining the Homeless…

Homeless 1-2-3
The homeless population can be divided into three categories:

Those who want help

Those who can’t get help

Those who won’t get help

Homeless Rock Stars functions exclusively within the category of those who want help.