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Seattle, Fall, 2016

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Support Homeless Rock Stars

Ending Youth Homelessness, One Rock Star At A Time!

The Mission…

With a rebel yell, Homeless Rock Stars unapologetically: Confronts the stigma, Promotes the underdog and Leads the way in restoring the relationship between the homeless and the community at large.

Our Shasta High School Event… 3/11/16

  • 1 Gymnasium

  • 70 Kids

  • 80 Volunteers

  • 150 Lives Changed

David Ellefson of Megadeth, Skyping in from their tourbus to address the kids!

Simpson University Strike Team

The YMCA Crew

The Teen Accelerate Crew

The Starbucks Crew

The Vision

Restore community pride & vitality

Create path to prosperity and independence

Make a whole bunch of Rock Stars!

The Exhibition:

May 14 – Sept 15, 2016

The Experience:

July 12, 2016

Support Homeless Rock Stars

  • Text ROCKSTAR to 91999
  • Donate to Homeless Rock Stars
  • USA only
Online and International - Click Here!

Homeless Youth
Per Target City

(14-24 year olds)

San Francisco
Los Angeles

What we do…

– We extract and expose the inner Rock Star of people who are homeless.
– Restore hope, self expression & courage.
– Repair the relationship between the homeless and the community.

“Wow, these are HOMELESS people…?  They don’t LOOK LIKE homeless people…”

The daily public.  On a daily basis.

Who we are…

Nigel Skeet

Nigel Skeet

Instigator & Photographer

What IF...?

Ron Campbell

Ron Campbell

Executive Director

The house that Rock built.

Melanie Foote

Melanie Foote

Program Director

Don't get between Mel and the underdog

Shimon Moore

Shimon Moore

Rock Star

Our resident Rock Star

Hannah Dewater

Hannah Dewater

Community Director

Integrity is the cornerstone of it all

Derek Pruitt

Derek Pruitt

I.T. & Web Geek

Smarter than smart

Tracy Stanley

Tracy Stanley

I.T. & Web Geek 2

If only this was a Tardis... sigh!

Stephanie Tuttle

Stephanie Tuttle

Hair Ninja

Life's too short to have boring hair!

Shimon Moore

Platinum selling rock star and former lead singer of Sick Puppies, Shimon Moore is our Resident Rock Star.  He wrote and recorded our theme song, ROCKSTAR and appears at many of our events, encouraging the kids in front of the camera!

“Let’s face it, EVERYONE wants to be Rock Star…”

Nigel Skeet